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essay on internal criticism and external criticism cova

In the dispute about positivist social science, Critical Theoristsrejected all forms of reductionism and insisted on the explanatory roleof practical reason. In disputes about interpretation, CriticalTheorists have insisted that social science not make a forced choicebetween explanation and understanding. Even if social scientists canonly gain epistemic access to social reality through interpretation,they cannot merely repeat what agents know practically in their“explanatory understanding.” Here we might think of explanationsthat create micro- and macro linkages, as between intentional actionspursued by actors for their own purposes and their unintended effectsdue to interdependencies of various sorts. Such dual perspectiveexplanations and criticism both allow the reflective distance ofcriticism and the possibility of mediating the epistemic gap betweenthe participants' more internal and the critics' more external point ofview. Given the rich diversity of possible explanations and stances,contemporary social science has developed a variety of possible ways toenhance critical perspective taking.

External and internal criticism provide the basic methodology of modern historical ..

In this article, by the "historical-critical school" is meant those writers who follow the method of biblical criticism initiated by Richard Simon in 1678, developed over the intervening years by Albert Eichhorn, Hermann Gunkel, Martin Dibelius, Rudolf Bultmann, and a host of other writers, and now in use among Catholic exegetes with various modifications of their own choosing.

Essay about Internal Analysis and Swot Analysis - 1165 …

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Treat textual criticism as a science (using logicin the application of internal evidence and text-types and mathematicaldata in the evaluation of the external), and you should do well.

Athens: Ohio UP, 1976 - collection of essays by short story writers and critics approaching short story as a genre form; good annotated bibliography (PN 3373 .S39)

and his contemporary Alexander Pope's Essay on Criticism is a ..

In the 19th century, criticism also gained ..

Thus, Ludwig Feuerbach (1804-1872) "explained the very idea of God as a projection of man's desire and need." And so, early attempts by the German rationalist school to defend a consistent message of truth in the biblical accounts soon gave way to the acceptance of "undeniable errors," and to the admission that the outlook of even the New Testament biblical writers was simply "not up to the requirements of modern man." This development of critical outlook in the German school of rationalism in religion was expressed over a span of a century and a half from about 1768 to 1914 in a long series of critical works, towards the end of which arose, on the basis of selected previous positions of the same school of thought, the method of form-criticism, which first attracted the positive interest of the Catholic exegete, Marie-Joseph Lagrange, in the early 1890s and has now become the dominant approach among Catholic Scripture scholars.

Inartistic Proofs: external forms of evidence such as testimony from witnesses or key documents
Artistic Proofs: internal construction of the speaker and include logos, ethos, and pathos
1) Logos: the logical or rational appeals the speaker makes by identifying the central claims made and the evidence used to support them
2) Pathos: emotional appeals made by the rhetor
3) Ethos: refers to the character or credibility of the rhetor using three basic components- moral character, intelligence, and goodwill

Claims and Data
Three basic phases in conducting neoclassical analyses:
1) Reconstructing the context
2) Analyzing the rhetorical artifact
3) Assessing its effects

For neoclassical rhetorical criticism, critics should apply the discovery paradigms two standards of warrants of validity and reliability to the data to determine the strength of it as evidence.

Historical method comprises the techniques and guidelines by ..
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Textual Criticism - Earlham College

The philosophical problem that emerges in critical social inquiry isto identify precisely those features of its theories, methods, andnorms that are sufficient to underwrite social criticism. A closerexamination of paradigmatic works across the whole tradition fromMarx's Capital (1871) to the Frankfurt School's Studies inAuthority and the Family (1939) and Habermas's Theory ofCommunicative Action (1982) reveals neither some distinctive formof explanation nor a special methodology that provides the necessaryand sufficient conditions for such inquiry. Rather, the best such worksemploy a variety of methods and styles of explanation and are ofteninterdisciplinary in their mode of research. What then gives them theircommon orientation and makes them all works of critical socialscience?

Textual Criticism Brief History of Textual Criticism

Intermediate evidence is never mentioned in Aesthetics or inany of Beardsley's subsequent writings, however, and the categoryseems to have been subsumed under “external evidence.” The result isan even sharper line between what is and isn't admissible evidence incriticism.

How To Write An Essay On Criticism

Against this skeptical predicament of the first generation of CriticalTheory, it could be said without exaggeration that Habermas's basicphilosophical endeavor from Knowledge and Human Intereststo The Theory of Communicative Action has been to develop amore modest, fallibilist, empirical account of the philosophical claimto universality and rationality. This more modest approach ridsCritical Theory of its vestiges of transcendental philosophy, pushingit in a naturalistic direction. Such naturalism identifies morespecific forms of social scientific knowledge that help in developingan analysis of the general conditions of rationality manifested invarious human capacities and powers. Thus, Habermas's alternative seespractical knowledge, or reason in the robust sense, as it is“embodied in cognition, speech and action” (Habermas 1984,10). Habermas's calls for particular “reconstructivesciences,” whose aim it is to render theoretically explicit theintuitive, pretheoretical know-how underlying such basic humancompetences as speaking and understanding, judging, and acting. UnlikeKant's transcendental analysis of the conditions of rationality, suchsciences yield knowledge that is not necessary but hypothetical, not apriori but empirical, not certain but fallible. They are neverthelessdirected to universal structures and conditions and raise universal,but defeasible claims to an account of practical reason. In this way,Habermas undermines both of the traditional Kantian roles forphilosophy and brings them into a fully cooperative relation to thesocial sciences. This can be seen in the clear differences between hisaccount of the critique of ideology, which is at once contextualistand antirelativist but also underwrites its own normativity in waysthat Horkheimer and Marcuse's more nearly transcendental account couldnot, given the inevitable tension between philosophical ideals and thehistorical conditions of current societies and their practices.

my paper as no thesis How To Write An Essay On Criticism ..

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Claims and Data:
You make your claim of interpretation when you formulate your purpose statement or research question
• Can be spoken or written texts or even transcripts of conversations, songs and narratives about art
Narratives: rhetorical acts conceptualized in forms that are symbolic actions in the words and deeds of character
• Main ideas about narratives (presented by W.

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