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what are the effects of violent video games on children?

Gamers interested in wrestling tend to do physical submissions on others.
Mimic Video Game Behavior
Video games can help you:
Release Frustrations
Release Anger
Work with your frustrations
Release Of Aggression
Release Of Aggression
Video games can help to reduce:
Hostile feelings
Video games can help to increase brain's gray matter which results in:
Better memory
Spatial navigation
Strategic planning
Fine motor skill of the hands.
Good For Your Health
Video games help to improve:
Reaction time
Spatial abilities
eye-hand coordination
Good For Your Health

Work Cited
Anderson, Craig A, Douglas A.

when you write the body make sure that im against violent video games.

parents must take control
Ending Paragraph/Conclusion

Harvard Mental Health Letter: Violent Video Games and Young People- parents have become increasing worried about the effects of gaming on their children that they sought help
A Plea for Caution: Violent Video Games, the Supreme Court, and the Rule of Science(Schwarzengger v.

Features Of Magazine Article On Violence And Videogames

Scary Details About Magazine Article On Violence And Videogames Exposed

Two thirds of muggers and robbers in the United States have a history of playing violent video games. According to this figure, it is very apparent that video games usually result in the loss of humanity in people. Through these violent video games, viewers are made to be live that hitting somebody is not anything to worry about. This is why many criminals that were used to these games would easily assassinate or murder somebody and never have any guilt. They would look at human life with a lot of simplicity and fail to give it the respect it deserves (Kirsh, 2006).

You will find a very close connection between the violent video games and use of drugs in the society today. In a three quarters of the violent video games, characters act in a manner to depict that they are drug takers of traffickers. Sometimes the video games would at the end of the game depict these actors as heroes and heroines. This has devastating effects on views and especially children who may have a wrong interpretation of the video games. Children might assume that whatever they see on the screen is right and should be supported. This in the end may influence such children to accept and acknowledge that drugs are not a bad stuff and would very willingly accept to be part of the partakers of the same (Vorderer & Bryant, 2006).

Magazine article on violence and videogames

Magazine Article On Violence And Videogames Explained

Magazine article on violence and videogames The Mothers Against Videogame Addiction and Violence organization is dedicated to educating parents of the world's fastest growing addiction and the most reckless.

It desensitized people to violence, increased aggression, and cause people to mimic the action.
Trains Military to be killers.
Willing to expose others to loud irritating noises to hurt them.
Violent Video games:
Increase angry feelings
Increase aggressive thoughts
Increase hostile behavior.
Increased Aggression
Gamers are considered to be more belligerent by their peers and teachers
Gamers roughhouse with other children.
Increased Aggression
Gamer imitate game behavior:
Think it is fun
Help them in real life
Become better fighters
Mimic Video Game Behavior
Gamers who identify themselves with a character are more likely to act like that character.

model ib history essays contest Magazine Article On Violence And Videogames
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The New Publicity About Magazine Article On Violence And Videogames

( ) Much of these acts will carry with the child and could be acted out in lateryears. Parents need to play an active role in their children’s lives. They needto be aware of what their children are viewing on T.V, what video games theyare playing, and what they are searching for on the Internet.

"Do violent video games cause behavior problems." Online.

Purpose of Speech: After listening to my speech, audience members will take a few simple steps to help alleviate the negative impacts of Violent Video Games.

disproving that violent games cause aggression3.

Thesis Statement: There is need for both adults and children to keep off watching violent video games as their impacts are very dangerous to daily lives.

"Video games and violence." Online.Internet.

The world today has undergone great changes that have seen the media taken a greater place in the lives of mankind. Since the invention of the computer and television, particularly the colored one, more and more people in the society have been addicts to the programs provided by it. However, what raises allot of questions as concerns this issue is the impact of violent video games to the lives of individuals. I believe that through this speech, you will be able to initiate change in the society in as far as violent video games are concerned. In order to deal with this issue, I would discuss how violent video games have negatively impacted on the lives of viewers and the need for

"In defense of video games." U.S.

I do believe that each one of you at some point has happened to play or watch these violent video games. One of the major results of violent video games is that they are very addictive. Researchers have indicated that the first, second and the third time that the viewer would be first watching the violent video games might never be very entertaining. However, as the person goes further to the fourth time, they end up being addicted to them. They would have been socialized to acknowledge that violence in the games is part and parcel of entertainment. Addictiveness to the violent video games has seen many children neglecting other aspects of life. They would do anything to just get all their time spent on computers playing these games. This makes these games to be part and parcel of their lives and would do anything to have time for such. This ends up raking the lives of the people involved as they don’t have other priorities that would positively affect their lives (Kutner & Olson, 2008).

But how much of an impact have these violent video games had.

Children are probably the most affected persons whenever they watch these violent video games. This is attributed to the less developed brains and character in them. The fact that they are still young, chances of taking up a character trait of behavior that they see is so high. This is wya6t makes them vulnerable to acts of violence they are exposed to in the video games.

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