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Milan Kundera lives in the world today.

She’s Laura (Johnson), a not especially pretty housewife. He’s Alec (Howard), an earnest doctor. So why do we continue to find Lean’s much-loved classic so unbearably moving? Because it’s still thrilling to watch the continents of emotion beneath Laura and Alec’s icy properness. Celia Johnson is like a silent movie star with her huge eyes, showing so much emotion with barely a rustle of an eyelash.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera.

A most amazing thing happened with Archer last week. I mean extraordinary. Billy was the witness. I had to travel to KY and I woke up in my hotel with this experience that something happened in the night with Archer’s being off the vent. I texted Billy who was staying with him. He texted back and said Archer was fine. But he then added that Archer had needed to be suctioned over and over. I called him and he told me more, and when I got back that night, he elaborated even more still charged up about it many hours later. It is an absolutely positively outstanding, even chilling, story.

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This word has been used when describing Milan Kundera’s style of writing.

So, I guess he was complicated. I mean, I knew he was complicated. But I had no idea it was anything different than any other catastrophic injury like quadriplegia. They had called last week for an interview with Archer. When they said he was more complicated than any they had seen, it brought a flash of memory not so much of horror, but more like, well, sort of distant, a memory, just that, a memory, still there but not really sharp. It was more a Wow. And I am deeply grateful for those parts that are behind us, a new beginning. Actually, I felt a deep respect for Archer. I had almost forgotten the quantity of setbacks. They noted how Archer had not sustained just a fractured C5 neck which required delicate neck stabilization surgery but a shattered C2-C5 neck which required a complete reconstruction of the bone before it could then be stabilized with pins. Ah yes that dive, that crack, that shatter that changed our lives and most importantly his life in a split second. That I will never forget. The ICU protocol of neck stabilization surgery, feeding tube, and as needed ventilator, as well as full body weight shifts and the shock and adjustment to being paralyzed is horrific for any quadriplegic. And their families. And I have come to love a number of those families I have met along the recovery journey. And I have begun to counsel those who have come and reached out and it really is a wealth of how to’s I guess you could say, of course unique to each injury but many across the board learnings I hope can help others.

Through the words of existentialist novelists and philosophers Milan Kundera and Jean-Paul Sartre, we witness the philosophical and psychological struggles for identity, existence, and ‘being’ of the characters in The Unbearable Lightness of Being, and Nausea....

The Unbearable Lightness of Being - Essay

Defining moment: The unbearable tension in the final reel. We know something Cary Grant is about to find out.

I wish the other families discharging from KKI had a better send off. A number are quite bitter when they leave. More on that another time in a different forum as we are very grateful for the last part of our stay and how the executive level responded and joined us in finding creative solutions. We feel very blessed for that and for finding the exact right team and pulmonologist and having him accept and then figuring out how he could work with us outside the typical KKI system, which meant KKI and regulatory decision makers agreeing to grant him special temporary privileges which allowed him to step foot onto KKI premises. And as you know, he stepped foot many a times at Archer’s side. His watchful eye and steady hand in guiding and facilitating Archer’s weaning was exactly the partner we needed and he has been that partner a hundred percent. Being at Archer’s side on a regular basis made all the difference in the world. Doctors need to see and touch and watch and closely and observe their patients on such matters as breathing and heart rate and aspects of living that must be seen in total, if you ask us. It cannot all be done via a screen of data, whether in the next building or continents away. It just cannot. Or at least yet. Technology is amazing but the face to face experience with the live person, in person, on a regular basis, is very hard to replicate.

I honestly believe it will be restorative for all to have Archer back on campus. He is uncannily even keeled and positive. It is hard to say what lies in store for him and for his being back at McDonogh. We hope it will be as good for McDonogh as it is for Archer. I imagine there might be some faculty or students who are afraid, but we face fear all the time and figure out how it can inform and guide us. It will just be a couple hours every day. It’s all we can work out really if we strive for continuing to give his body every chance it has for recovery which means reserving the afternoons for PT/OT. We are currently in discussions with McDonogh about hiring a nurse for those couple hours, but until then, Billy or I will accompany him and stay within shouting distance if there is any emergency. We will give him his meds and take care of all his bodily needs, foley flush and bag drainage, meds, respiratory cough assist and albuterol, trach care etc. before and after his two hours at McDonogh. Thank Heaven for the new rig!

A central theme which runs through the novel is the possibility of being having weight -- something to give it serious meaning.
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The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera - …

What we alighted on were two potential dorms. They chose and we happily consented. All good. Being close to the Engineering school will limit his not having to miss classes related to rain and snow. I took him after a snowstorm in March and there were a few streets that were difficult to cross given UPenn are in the middle of Philadelphia. The curb cuts were still icy in some places but the most typical scenario was that the snow for walkers had been plowed and dumped in the curb cut, the only place someone in a wheelchair can go to get up onto a sidewalk. So he was not able to even get onto a sidewalk for some blocks. We managed but it meant my walking in front of Archer in the city street as I extended my arm in front of me to oncoming traffic to stop or make room for the traveler I had behind me. It was probably quite comical. Like an old-fashioned traffic cop kind of scene with the little kids passing while the cop held back traffic with his hand. There we were.

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“God of all creation, you who spoke a simple command and brought forth light from the darkness, we call upon you now to send forth your miracle-working power into every aspect of Archer’s being. In the same way that you spoke unto the dust of the ground when you created humankind in your own image, we ask you to send forth your healing power into Archer’s body. Send forth your word and command every cell, electrical and chemical impulse, tissue, joint, ligament, organ, gland, muscle, bone and every molecule in Archer’s body to come under complete and perfect health, strength, alignment, balance and harmony.

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Je t’aime... moi non plus
Some of the greatest love stories hinge on denial rather than devotion. Philip Kaufman's shiveringly erotic adaptation of Milan Kundera's 1968-set novel – which many thought too tangled up in its characters’ psychologies to be filmed at all – is remarkable for the romance it builds around a man with no desire to be in love.

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For the Senft family, the reality of the new normal in juxtaposition to the old normal has absolutely stunned me as much in the last few months as the first year. So much has changed: our lives, our relationships, those who are now in our lives and our relationships, our house, our eating, our waking, our sleeping, everything we do, and everything we do not do. Homelife is so very different, marriage is so very different, work life is so very different. Our little Rockwellian home is… well… I hope still Rockwellian, you know what I mean. A little chaotic, funny, and closely knit. That’s a phrase I had not thought of before but which a number of different people over the years have used to describe our house when they visit. It really all started with Paula who would perch up in a tree in our front yard reading as her brothers raced around playing whatever the sport of the day was while the youngest whoever it happened to be over the years would be carried by the others or playfully handed a football when he could not even yet grasp any large object because so little as a baby. I can see those years now in that one picture. We do have the most wonderful children who love and care for each other deeply. I bet you do too. What a gift. The way our big kids all rallied to be in Baltimore is still astounding to me, without even being asked. But so very much has changed. We are still seeking a rhythm that seems to have emerged but then changes.

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