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Importance of computer in hindi essay on mahatma

Among the main questions about respect that philosophers haveaddressed are these: (1) How should respect in general be understood?(a) What category of thing is it? Philosophers have variouslyidentified it as a mode of behavior, a form of treatment, a kind ofvaluing, a type of attention, a motive, an attitude, a feeling, atribute, a principle, a duty, an entitlement, a moral virtue, anepistemic virtue: are any of these categories more central thanothers? (b) What are the distinctive elements of respect? (c) To whatother attitudes, actions, valuings, duties, etc. is respect similar,and with what does it contrast? (d) What beliefs, attitudes, emotions,motives, and conduct does respect involve, and with what is itincompatible? (2) What are the appropriate objects of respect, i.e.,the sorts of things that can be reasonably said to warrant respect?(3) What are the bases or grounds for respect, i.e., the features ofor facts about objects in virtue of which it is reasonable and perhapsobligatory to respect them? (4) What ways of acting and forbearing toact express or constitute or are regulated by respect? (5) What moralrequirements, if any, are there to respect certain types of objects,and what is the scope and theoretical status of such requirements? (6)Are there different levels or degrees of respect? Can an object cometo deserve less or no respect? (7) Why is respect morally important?What, if anything, does it add to morality over and above the conduct,attitudes, and character traits required or encouraged by variousmoral principles or virtues? (8) What are the implications of respectfor problematic moral and sociopolitical issues such as racism andsexism, pornography, privacy, punishment, responses to terrorism,paternalism in health care contexts, cultural diversity, affirmativeaction, abortion, and so on?

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I would feel more optimistic about a bright future for man if he spent less time proving he can outwit Nature and more time tasting her sweetness and respecting her seniority. Elwyn Brooks White (1899-1985) Essays of E. B. White, 1977

Essay on nurture nature save our future

Essay on nurture nature save our future save water save earth essay save water essay

The idea of respect for particularity and relationality has alsobecome an important topic recently in political philosophy. One issueis how persons ought to be respected in multicultural liberaldemocratic societies (for example, Balint 2006, Tomasi 1995, C. Taylor 1992,Kymlicka 1989). Respect for persons is one of the basic tenets ofliberal democratic societies, which are founded on the ideal of theequal dignity of all citizens and which realize this ideal in theequalization of rights and entitlements among all citizens and so therejection of discrimination and differential treatment. Some writersargue that respecting persons requires respecting the traditions andcultures that permeate and shape their individual identities (Addis1997). But as the citizenry of such societies becomes increasinglymore diverse and as many groups come to regard their identities orvery existence as threatened by a homogenizing equality, liberalsocieties face the question of whether they should or could respond todemands to respect the unique identity of individuals or groups bydifferential treatment, such as extending political rights oropportunities to some cultural groups (for example, Native Americans,French Canadians, African-Americans) and not others.

Another source of dissatisfaction with Kant's account has been withhis characterization of persons and the quality in virtue of whichthey must be respected. In particular, Kant's view that the rationalwill which is common to all persons is the ground of respect isthought to ignore the moral importance of the concrete particularityof each individual, and his emphasis on autonomy, which is oftenunderstood to involve the independence of one person from all others,is thought to ignore the essential relationality of human beings(forexample, Noggle 1999, Farley 1993, Dillon 1992a, E. Johnson1982). Rather than ignoring what distinguishes one person fromanother, it is argued, respect should involve attending to each personas a distinctive individual and to the concrete realities of humanlives, and it should involve valuing difference as well as samenessand interdependence as well as independence. Other critics respondthat respecting differences and particular identities inevitablyreintroduces hierarchical discrimination that is antithetical to theequality among persons that the idea of respect for persons issupposed to express (for example, Bird 2004). Identity and differencemay, however, be appropriate objects of other forms of considerationand appreciation.

Respect the Nature Essay - 480 Words - StudyMode

Respect Nature Essays 1 - 30 Anti Essays

It is common in everyday discourse and philosophical discussion totreat self-respect and self-esteem as synonyms. It is true thatevaluative self-respect and self-esteem both involve appraisingoneself favorably in virtue of one's behavior and personal traits, andthat a person can have or lack either one undeservedly. However, manyphilosophers have argued that the two attitudes are importantlydifferent (for example, Darwall 1977, Sachs 1981, Chazan 1998, Harris,2001, Dillon 2004, 2013). One way of distinguishing them is by theirgrounds and the points of view from which they areappraised. Evaluative self-respect involves an assessment from a moralpoint of view of one's character and conduct, while self-esteem can bebased on personal features that are unrelated to character, and theassessment it involves need not be from a moral point of view: one canhave a good opinion of oneself in virtue of being a good joke-telleror having won an important sports competition and yet not think one isa good person because of it (Darwall 1977). Another way ofdistinguishing them focuses on what it is to lose them: one would loseevaluative respect for oneself if one judged oneself to be shameful,contemptible, or intolerable, but self-esteem can be diminished by thebelief that one lacks highly prized qualities that would add to one'smerit (Harris 2001). Self-respect is also often identified withpride. In one sense, pride is the pleasure or satisfaction taken inone's achievements, possessions, or associations, and in this sensepride can be an affective element of either evaluative self-respect orself-esteem. In another sense, pride is inordinate self-esteem orvanity, an excessively high opinion of one's qualities,accomplishments, or status that can make one arrogant and contemptuousof others. In this sense, pride contrasts with both well-groundedevaluative self-respect and the interpersonal kind of recognitionself-respect. But pride can also be a claim to and celebration of astatus worth or to equality with others, especially other groups (forexample, Black Pride), which is interpersonal recognitionself-respect; and pride can be “proper pride,” a sense ofone's dignity that prevents one from doing what is unworthy, and inthis sense it is the agentic dimension of recognitionself-respect. Pride's opposites, shame and humility, are also closelyrelated to self-respect. A loss of evaluative self-respect may beexpressed in shame, but shameless people manifest a lack ofrecognition self-respect; and although humiliation can diminish orundermine recognition self-respect, humility is an appropriatedimension of the evaluative respect of any imperfect person.

A third kind of recognition self-respect involves the appreciation ofthe importance of being autonomously self-defining. One way aself-respecting individual does this is through having, and living inlight, of a normative self-conception, i.e., a conception of being andliving that she regards as worthy of her as the particular person sheis. Such a self-conception both gives expression to ideals andcommitments that shape the individual’s identity, and alsoorganizes desires, choices, pursuits, and projects in ways that givesubstance and worth to the self. Self-respecting people holdthemselves to personal expectations and standards the disappointmentof which they would regard as unworthy of them, shameful, evencontemptible (although they may not apply these standards to others)(Hill 1982). People who sell out, betray their own values, liveinauthentic lives, let themselves be defined by others, or arecomplacently self-accepting lack this kind of recognitionself-respect.

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Essay about The Ethical Respect of Nature - 1774 Words

As responsive, respect is object-generated rather than whollysubject-generated, something that is owed to, called for, deserved,elicited, or claimed by the object. We respect something not becausewe want to but because we recognize that we have to respect it (Wood1999); respect involves “a deontic experience”—theexperience that one must pay attention and respondappropriately (Birch 1993). It thus is motivational: it is therecognition of something “as directly determining our willwithout reference to what is wanted by our inclinations” (Rawls2000, 153). In this way respect differs from, for example, liking andfearing, which have their sources in the subject's interests ordesires. When we respect something, we heed its call, accord it itsdue, acknowledge its claim to our attention. Thus, respect involvesdeference, in the most basic sense of yielding: self-absorption andegocentric concerns give way to consideration of the object, one'smotives or feelings submit to the object's reality, one is disposed toact in obedience to the object's demands.

The Ethics of Respect for Nature Essay Sample

Informal Essay About Nature Informal communication refers to interchange of TOOLKIT 5 information unofficially. Is communication is based on informal relations (like friendship, membership of.

An Essay on "The Ethics of Respect for Nature". - WriteWork

Informal essay about nature Authors intending to contribute to any of these sections are advised to read the relevant section of published issues of Nature to gain an idea of which section is.

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