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Moral objectivism – Usa Online Essays

Discussions of moral relativism often assume (as mostly has beenassumed here so far) that moral relativism is the correct account ofall moral judgments or of none. But perhaps it is the correct accountof some moral judgments but not others or, more vaguely, the bestaccount of morality vis-à-vis these issues would acknowledge bothrelativist and objectivist elements. Such a mixed position might bemotivated by some of the philosophical questions already raised(recall also the suggestion in the section on that some people may be“meta-ethical pluralists”). On the empirical level, it might bethought that there are many substantial moral disagreements but alsosome striking moral agreements across different societies. On themetaethical plane, it might be supposed that, though manydisagreements are not likely to be rationally resolved, otherdisagreements may be (and perhaps that the cross-cultural agreementswe find have a rational basis). The first point would lead to a weakerform of DMR The second point, the more important one, wouldimply a modified form of MMR (see the suggestions in the lastparagraph of ). This approach hasattracted some support, interestingly, from both sides of the debate:relativists who have embraced an objective constraint, and (morecommonly) objectivists who have allowed some relativistdimensions. Here are some prominent examples of these mixedmetaethical outlooks.

Relativism vs. Objectivism - Angelfire

Harman's relativism is presented as a thesis about logical form, butthe relativist implication arises only because it is supposed that therelevant motivating reasons are not universal and so probably arosefrom an agreement that some but not all persons have made. In thissense, moral disagreement is an important feature of the argument. Butthe main focus is on the internalist idea that inner judgments implymotivating reasons, reasons that are not provided simply by beingrational, but require particular desires or intentions that a personmay or may not have. Internalism in this sense is a controversial view,and many would say that a moral judgment can apply to a person whetheror not that person is motivated to follow it (see the section on'Psychological: Moral Motivation' in the entry on ).However, internalism is not a standard feature of most arguments formoral relativism, and in fact some relativists are critical ofinternalism (for example, see Wong 2006: ch. 7)

Relativism versus Objectivism Essay Example for Free

Social Issues Essays: Moral Objectivism and Nature of Ethical Non - Objectivism

Proponents of MMR are unimpressed by these responses. Theymay say that the Davidsonian account cannot assure sufficient commonground to resolve conflicts between moral frameworks (or to ensure thatthere is really only one framework), and that MacIntyre's approach islikely to work at best only in some cases. And they usually considerdebates about the Kantian and Aristotelian arguments to be as difficultto resolve rationally as the conflicts between moral frameworks therelativists originally invoked. They may add that the fact that moralobjectivists disagree among themselves about which objectivist theoryis correct is further indication of the difficulty of resolvingfundamental moral conflicts.

Various objectivist responses may be made to this argument. One isthe Davidsonian approach, already considered, that precludes thepossibility of incommensurable moral frameworks. Another response isthat incommensurability does not preclude the possibility of rationallyresolving differences between moral frameworks. For example, AlasdairMacIntyre (1988: ch. 18 and 1994) has argued that, in somecircumstances, it is possible to realize, through an exercise inimagination, that a conflicting and incommensurable moral tradition isrationally superior to one's own tradition. However, the most commonobjectivist response is to claim that some specific moral framework isrationally superior to all others. For example, it might be argued,following Kant, that pure practical reason implies a fundamental moralprinciple such as the Categorical Imperative (see ), or it might be claimed, following Aristotle, that humannature is such that virtues such as courage, temperance, and justiceare necessary for any plausible conception of a good life (see the sections on in the entry on Aristotle's ethics, and the entry on ). If such an argument were sound, it might provide a compellingresponse to the relativist contention that conflicts between moralframeworks cannot be rationally resolved.

Ethical Subjectivism and Objectivism

The Objectivity And Rationality Of Morality Essay

Finally, it is more more probable that people give objectivistresponses when they think that the parties to a moral disagreementshare the same culture than when they think that the disagreeingparties belong to a very different culture. This might suggest thatmany of those who give objectivist responses are tacitly assuming akind of objectivity on the assumption that the disagreeing partieshave a common moral framework, but not in circumstances in which thereare different moral frameworks (see Sarkissian et. al. 2011).

In short, empirical work about folk meta-ethical outlooks suggeststhat there is considerable diversity in the extent to which, and thecircumstances under which, people express moral objectivist views ormoral non-objectivist views such as MMR. This might be takento indicate that some people are objectivists and some are not. But itmight also be taken to show that some people are “meta-ethicalpluralists”: they are objectivists about some moral issues, but theyare relativists about other moral issues (see Wrightet. al. 2013). That is, perhaps some people implicitly deny the commonassumption among philosophers that all moral beliefs should be giventhe same meta-ethical analysis.

Moral relativism and objectivism Group One: • Platonic/Socratic Ethics • Moral Relativism and Objectivism Here are some of the potential prompts for you to
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Moral Relativism | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Beginning with the attempts to abolish torture in the eighteenth century, and then sensitively examining what is suffered in torture and related transgressions, such as rape, Bernstein elaborates a powerful new conception of moral injury.

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Free Essay: To continue with the subject of murder, there are many questions about murder that our own The Objectivity and Rationality of Morality Essay.

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