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Modern Health Hazards :: science - 123helpme

Occupational Safety and Health Act (1970)
Congress passed the Occupational and Safety Health Act in 1970 to ensure worker and workplace safety. Their Goal was to make sure employers provide their workers a place of employment free from recognized hazards to safety and health, such as exposure to toxic chemicals, excessive noise levels, mechanical dangers, heat or cold stress, or unsanitary conditions.

Essay on Environmental Pollution and Health Hazards

Biological hazards include bacteria, viruses, and parasites and other organisms for which exposure can cause occupational disease, usually infections. Such organisms are called . Other biological hazards include organisms, such as fungi, and material of biological origin, such as enzymes used in detergents, that may induce allergies. They are known as . Occupational infections are diseases in which a pathogen present in the workplace enters the body and then grows or replicates, causing a disease. The disease itself may be the result of the infection itself (such as pneumonia), toxins produced by the pathogen (as is the case with tetanus), the result of damage done by the pathogen (as in hepatitis) or the result of the body's defenses against the pathogen (as in tuberculosis). Some infections can be transmitted from one person to another and are said to be , or “contagious”. The principal strategy for preventing occupational infections is , taking measures to avoid contact with the pathogen in the first place. Pathogens from animal sources are called . When direct contact with the pathogen is unavoidable, immunization is the primary means of prevention. Particular problems for healthcare workers include hepatitis, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. After exposure has taken place, treatment in advance of infection in order to prevent disease is called .

Occupational Safety and Health Management Essay …

An important first step in protecting worker health and safety is recognizing workplace hazards. Most hazards encountered fall into three main categories: chemical, biological, or physical. Cleaning agents and disinfectants, drugs, anesthetic gases, solvents, paints, and compressed gases are examples of chemical hazards. Potential exposures to chemical hazards can occur both during use and with poor storage.

Biological hazards include potential exposures to allergens, infectious zoonotics (animal diseases transmissible to humans), and experimental agents such as viral vectors. Allergens, ubiquitous in animal research facilities, are one of the most important health hazards, yet they are frequently overlooked.

The Science Of Recognizing Health Essay

In many countries large-scale agriculture and the concomitant active use of toxic pesticides is a major health hazard both for workers and for their households. Pollution by fertilizers or biological waste from the food industry, paper industry and so on can also have harmful effects on waterways, reducing fishing and food supplies. The fishermen and gatherers of other seafood may have to travel much further to get their daily catch, with increased risks of drowning accidents and other mishaps. The spread of tropical disease by the environmental changes associated with developments such as the building of dams, roads and so on constitutes another type of environmental health risk. The new dam may create breeding grounds for schistosomiasis, a debilitating disease affecting rice farmers who have to walk in water. The new road may create fast communication between an area with endemic malaria and another area hitherto spared from this disease.

Forests, for example, which represent the culmination of ecological successional processes, are being destroyed at an alarming rate, due to commercial logging and clearance by impoverished peoples for agriculture and firewood. The effects of forest depletion include soil erosion, which, if extreme, can lead to desertification. Loss of biodiversity is an important consequence (see “Species extinction, biodiversity loss and human health” in this chapter). It is estimated that one-third of all carbon dioxide emissions are from the burning of tropical forests (the importance of carbon dioxide in creating global warming is discussed in “Global climate change and ozone depletion” in this chapter). Thus, addressing poverty is imperative with respect to global environmental health as well as individual, community and regional well-being.

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Environmental Hazards and Health Effects | National …

We know that running a research lab is a challenge, to say the least. In all the hustle of loading the autosampler, pipetting, pouring, and mixing for research experiments, worker health and safety can be overlooked, inadvertently pushed aside or forgotten—sometimes with dire consequences. Understanding the required (OSHA) programs and recognizing hazards will help you to identify and minimize many of the common safety and health hazards associated with running a research laboratory. This Safety Guys column will assist your navigation of the health and safety maze. We present an overview of the most common hazards encountered in typical research labs. Our hope is that one or more topics might strike a nerve and motivate you to dig deeper to ensure a safe work environment.

CDC's Division of Environmental Hazards and Health Effects ..

The sixth point would be for all nurses to work in unity along with other health care workers like the physicians, repertory therapists, physical therapist, social workers, case managers and others take good care of our patients and also for the development of the organization....

Hazards of smoking essay | The Institute of Health

The main link between the workplace and the general environment is that the source of the hazard is usually the same, whether it is an agricultural activity or an industrial activity. In order to control the health hazard, a common approach may work effectively in both settings. This is particularly so when it comes to the choice of chemical technologies for production. If an acceptable result or product can be produced with a less toxic chemical, the choice of such a chemical can reduce or even eliminate the health risk. One example is the use of safer water-based paints instead of paints made with toxic organic solvents. Another example is the choice of non-chemical pest-control methods whenever this is possible. In fact, in many cases, particularly in the developing world, there is no separation between the home and the workplace; thus the setting is truly the same.

Who Is on the health hazards of ..

It is now well recognized that the scientific knowledge and training required to assess and control environmental health hazards are, for the most part, the same skills and knowledge required to address health hazards within the workplace. Toxicology, epidemiology, occupational hygiene, ergonomics, safety engineering - in fact, the very disciplines included in this Encyclopaedia - are the basic tools of environmental science. The process of risk assessment and risk management is also the same: identify the hazards, categorize the risks, assess the exposure and estimate risk. This is followed by evaluating control options, controlling the exposure, communicating the risk to the public and establishing an on-going exposure- and risk-monitoring programme. Thus occupational and environmental health are strongly linked by common methodologies, particularly in health assessment and exposure control.

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