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Arts Essays - Abstraction Realism Debate

According to one authoritative source (Britannica), realism in its basic form in Literature is a literary style in which the author describes the reality of persons (people) in detail to resemble their actions, emotions, and environment.

Magical Realism is even rivaling some of the great masterpieces of modern and past literature.

Realism in the novel, The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton, was clearly shown through Lily Bart's character with its ironic ending that had both her fall and rise as a character....

essay on realism and artistic creation free dissertation sites ..

Before Realism was really brought into literature, Romanticism was the style of choice.

Arnheim begins with the contention and then attempts to accord to the filmmaker the same artistic intervention of the painter. Bazin, in contrast, downplays the filmmakers intervention. In both cases the limitation – not being able to reproduce reality exactly- becomes the source for the respective ends. In Bazin’s case the film, in its faithfulness to the event, grants the spectator a privileged experience of that event; in Arnheim’s case the spectator experiences the event colored through the artist’s sensibility.

Bazin and Rudolf Arnheim, despite one being a realist and the other a formalist, begin their theories from the same starting point. Both theorists begin with the contention that cinema reproduces reality mechanically. Arnheim’s end goal is the equation film=art, while Bazin’s is film=reality. Bazin accepts the contention, and in fact posits it himself, but adds to it by elevating the filmic double to a spiritual/moral/ethical level. Arnheim refutes the contention by saying that regardless of the process, even on the most elementary level the recording of an object/subject is answerable to many factors. (Example: The problem of reproducing three dimensional objects in a two dimensional medium – positioning of object- and the intangible aspect of intuition – deciding whether a person is more him or herself in profile or full face or whether one angle of a mountain is more expressive than another) (Arnheim, 8- 11). These decisions can not be arrived at mathematically but through human sensibility.

Romanticism and Realism in Art Essay ..

This creation is not so much a hoax as a literary convention or an artistic device.

Of course, the term realism is quite complicated for the objective understanding, because even the first monuments and sculptures of ancient Egypt were already realistic and the painters who copy the natural environment with the photographic precision are also called realists. The popularity of realism is based on the accessibility and clearness of the artistic methods. Realism is also the name of the philosophic trend which was popular in the 19th century.

Realism is the style and method in literature and visual arts, which originated in the middle of the 19th century in France and moved to other European countries. In literature and visual arts realism strives to the most precise description of the reality without idealization.

Under the general umbrella of Modernism, we find several art movements such as surrealism, formalism, and various  French movements.
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The creation of Realistic art has been the goal of most ..

Each of the creators tells a somewhat different story of how the miracle of cohesionultimately occurred, but what we know for sure is that somehow it happened. The finalproduct was awash in great American themes: love conquering prejudice, youth againstmaturity, tradition challenging progress. Even more amazing, though, is how the showconstantly balanced poetry and realism. As Bernstein explained to the New York , the entire show was a tightrope between art and realism, carefully balancingaudience expectations between the diverse demands of fantasy versus authenticity,entertainment versus drama.

had a tendency to creep into any artistic creation, ..

This command breaks the illusion that Geoffrey is a real person on pilgrimage, calling attention to the fictional qualities of The Canterbury Tales as a physical artifact--a book held in the readers' hands.

Although it seemed that “realism was an artistic creation ..

When Macbeth cries out, "," his references to "shadows" and "players" (Renaissance slang for actors) and his discussion of the stage serve to remind the audience forcefully that they are watching a dramatic artifice, not a real historical event.

Socialist realism: Cinema and the arts - ScienceDirect

(ii) The strength of the nationalist claim in relation to variousexternal interests and rights: to give a real example, is the use ofthe domestic language so important that even international conferencesshould be held in it, at the cost of losing the most interestingparticipants from abroad? The force of the nationalist claim is herebeing weighed against the force of other claims, including those ofindividual or group interests or rights. Variations in comparativestrength of nationalist claims take place on a continuum between twoextremes. At one rather unpalatable extreme, nation-focused claimstake precedence over any other claims, including over humanrights. Further towards the center is the classical nationalism thatgives nation-centered claims precedence over individual interests andmany needs (including pragmatic collective utility), but notnecessarily over general human rights. (See, for example, McIntyre1994, Oldenquist 1997.) On the opposite end, which is mild, humane andliberal, the central nationalist claims are accorded prima faciestatus only (see Tamir 1993, Gans 2003, and most recently Miller's2013 book, which looks for a compromise).

on the process of artistic creation, ..

Exposed in 1954 expressive picture of British artist John Bratby, with the image of the dirty untidy kitchen has allowed an occasion criticism John Silvestre to christen Brotby’s style as “kitchen sink realism" - realism of a kitchen bowl....

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