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Niels Bohr: Biography & Atomic Theory - Live Science

Not only does Bohr reject the view that the correspondence principleis an analogy, but the fact that he refers to it as a law ofquantum theory suggests, first, that he takes it to be auniversal principle (not just applicable in a limited domain),and, second, that it is an essential part of quantum theory itself, notsome sort of general methodological constraint coming from outside ofquantum theory.

We learned about the Bohr model, electromagnetic energy, and many other related topics.

In typical Bohr style, he fails to come out and clearly say whetherone, all, or none of these correspondences is what he means todesignate by “the correspondence principle.”

Niels Bohr and the Atomic Theory - ..

This is the question raised by Lois de Broglie and is the focus of this essay.

Heisenberg says that no one will ever fully understand the meeting in Copenhagen between himself and Bohr in 1941; Uncertainty forever preserves the moment....

It is important to recognize that Bohr discovered and wrote aboutall these correspondence relations; the disagreement among Bohrscholars is simply which (if any) of these correspondencerelations Bohr meant to designate as the correspondenceprinciple. Some scholars have even gone so far as to doubt whether Bohrever had a well-defined and unvarying definition of the correspondenceprinciple at all. These and other interpretations of the correspondenceprinciple are elaborated in more detail in Section 5 below.

Niels Bohr Atomic Theory - Chemistry Help

The basic and quantum models of an atom will be discussed and compared.

In 1913, the Danish physicist Neils Bohr, proposed a successful quantum model of the atom that began the process of a more defined understanding of its subatomic particles....

In his long 1938 essay on "The Causality Problem in Atomic Physics" Bohr again emphasizes the "free choice" of an experimental procedure in his solution to the .

Bohr became a privtdocent at the University of Copenhagen, giving lectures on thermodynamics .Bohr then began teaching medical students.
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The Evolution Of The Atomic Theory Essays

The correspondence principle was first introduced in the context ofthe old quantum theory, which was developed in the period between 1900and 1925. The old quantum theory was an “interim” theorydeveloped in response to the recognition that Newtonian mechanics andclassical electrodynamics are inadequate for the description of atomicsystems. Although the old quantum theory had remarkable empiricalsuccesses, it was criticized for having what many thought wereinconsistent foundations. The old quantum theory was ultimatelyreplaced by modern quantum mechanics with Werner Heisenberg'sdevelopment of matrix mechanics in 1925 and Erwin Schrödinger'sdevelopment of wave mechanics in 1926.

The Evolution Of The Atomic Theory Essays: ..

This formula is typically referred to as the “Bohr-Einsteinfrequency condition.” The second postulate constituted asignificant break from classical electrodynamics, according to which avariety of radiation frequencies would be emitted and those frequencieswould be determined solely by the motion of the source.

Neils Bohr was the next physicist to advance the atomic theory

It is important to note that while it is now accepted that thisemitted radiation is a photon, surprisingly Bohr himself was quiteskeptical of the photon concept up until as late as the mid-1920s(Stachel 2009). Bohr preferred to think of the emitted or absorbedradiation as a wave, rather than as a particle. Bohr's hesitation inaccepting the existence of photons during this period seems to arisefrom his concern that such a particle conception of light would beirreconcilable with familiar interference phenomena. Bohr, for example,writes in 1921,

Bohr's Atomic Model Essay - 877 Words | Bartleby

Returning to the outline of the old quantum theory, Bohr's twopostulates were not yet enough to pick out from all of the classicallyallowed orbits, those orbits corresponding to stationary states. Inorder to determine the stationary states, the following “quantumcondition” also needs to be introduced:

Niels Bohrs Model Of The Hydrogen Atom - …

According to Bohr's old quantum theory, by contrast, the radiationis not a result of the accelerated motion of the electron in its orbit,but rather of the electron jumping from one stationary state toanother; and rather than giving off all of the harmonic“overtones” together, only a single frequency, ν, isemitted, and the value of that frequency is given by the Bohr-Einsteinfrequency condition (Equation 1). The spectral lines are built up by awhole ensemble of atoms undergoing transitions between differentstationary states, and these spectral lines, though they exhibit apattern of regularity, are not evenly spaced—except in the limitof large quantum numbers.

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