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Free Essays on Hotel California Lyric Analysis

But closer to the Stones." According to some interpretations, "Hotel California" is a song about drug addiction; others have viewed it as a song about a mental hospital, or devil worship, or – in one especially oddball take – even a real hotel run by cannibals.

The speaker passes out and hears the voices again singing about the Hotel California.

In a 2007 interview with 60 Minutes, Don Henley described "Hotel California" as "a song about the dark underbelly of the American dream and about excess in America, which is something we knew a lot about." What's interesting here is that Henley and the Eagles are not trying to argue that the "American Dream" is a sham – no, they themselves are living examples of the American Dream (four Midwest boys come to California with the dream of becoming rock stars and five years later release the best-selling album in American history).

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However, some members of the public have created their own interpretations of the lyrics. Some people think it a reference to the process of love, marriage, and divorce. California has a very high divorce rate, and the general theme of the song can be interpreted as the process of love lost during marriage and trying to get out of the “prison” of a loveless marriage. Religious critics of the song think the song may be alluding to the hotel in San Francisco, which served as a church of Satan under the now-deceased Anton Lavey, who was the Satanist high priest. (Ferrell, V, 2006). Other people think “hotel California” may actually be refereeing to a state mental hospital.

The song tells of a weary traveler who spots a lovely looking hotel in a dark desert highway and decided to rest there for the night. The hotel has weird things going on, like whispers in the corridor, and people dancing for weird reasons. The guests are referred to as self- convicted prisoners. Other weird references include a feast featuring a beast that could not be killed. As is to be expected, the lyrics created controversy, and no one knows for sure what the hotel California is about. When asked about the meaning of the lyrics, the band members give cryptic explanations such as the lyrics being a metaphor for the dark, hedonistic trappings of fame, fortune and the American dream. Band member don Henley refers to the song as a narrative on the process of maturing from innocence to experience.

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As with many songs, duality of meaning exists in “Hotel California.”
Since “Hotel California” debuted in the seventies, one can understand why the topic would be Californian drug-using lifestyle.

Don Felder, the guitarist for The Eagles who wrote the tune for "Hotel California," has talked about how the song was inspired by driving into Los Angeles filled with high expectations that were later disappointed: "If you drive into LA at night you can just see this glow on the horizon of lights and the images that start running through your head of Hollywood and all the dreams that you have." To many – the speaker in "Hotel California" included – Los Angeles seems like a beautiful oasis on the edge of a dark, squalid desert.

Hotel california song analysis essays
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The Eagles - Hotel California - Song Meaning essays

I am going to attach the prompt and all of its requirements. Please follow the prompt exactly. I am going to have you write on hotel california. I am going to attach the lyrics to the song as well. please write on prompt #5 hotel california. unless you find a easier prompt for you to write on, but please let me know if you find something easier. need to include a intro and a conclusion as well. make sure that you are using critical thinking and make sure to explain ur points with evidence and good critical analysis. this whole essay is based on critaal thinking so please use well developed sentences that have meaning, NO SENTENCEs should lack content or meaning.

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Although many other interpretations exist including some which claim this song to be referencing drugs, much evidence suggests that “Hotel California” is, at least partly, making a statement about the lifestyle of drug and alcohol users particularly in the large cities of California.


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