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Epistemology & Philosophy of Science

The Old Masters had sensed that it was necessary to preservewhat is called the integrity of the picture plane: that is, tosignify the enduring presence of flatness underneath and abovethe most vivid illusion of three-dimensional space. The apparentcontradiction involved was essential to the success of their art,as it is indeed to the success of all pictorial art. The Modernistshave neither avoided nor resolved this contradiction; rather,they have reversed its terms. One is made aware of the flatnessof their pictures before, instead of after, being made aware ofwhat the flatness contains. Whereas one tends to see what is inan Old Master before one sees the picture itself, one sees a Modernistpicture as a picture first. This is, of course, the best way ofseeing any kind of picture, Old Master or Modernist, but Modernismimposes it as the only and necessary way, and Modernism's successin doing so is a success of self-criticism.

At the end of chapter 1 we found ourselves on the eve of Hart’s inaugural lecture in 1952

The latest abstract painting tries to fulfill the Impressionistinsistence on the optical as the only sense that a completelyand quintessentially pictorial art can invoke. Realizing this,one begins also to realize that the Impressionists, or at leastthe Neo-Impressionists, were not altogether misguided when theyflirted with science. Kantian self-criticism, as it now turnsout, has found its fullest expression in science rather than inphilosophy, and when it began to be applied in art, the latterwas brought closer in real spirit to scientific method than everbefore -- closer than it had been by Alberti, Uccello, Piero dellaFrancesca, or Leonardo in the Renaissance. That visual art shouldconfine itself exclusively to what is given in visual experience,and make no reference to anything given in any other order ofexperience, is a notion whose only justification lies in scientificconsistency.

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The essence of Modernism lies, as I see it, in the use of characteristicmethods of a discipline to criticize the discipline itself, notin order to subvert it but in order to entrench it more firmlyin its area of competence. Kant used logic to establish the limitsof logic, and while he withdrew much from its old jurisdiction,logic was left all the more secure in what there remained to it.

It was the stressing of the ineluctable flatness of the surfacethat remained, however, more fundamental than anything else tothe processes by which pictorial art criticized and defined itselfunder Modernism. For flatness alone was unique and exclusive topictorial art. The enclosing shape of the picture was a limitingcondition, or norm, that was shared with the art of the theater;color was a norm and a means shared not only with the theater,but also with sculpture. Because flatness was the only conditionpainting shared with no other art, Modernist painting orienteditself to flatness as it did to nothing else.

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Self Reflection Paper Human Relations  Self-Reflection Paper Phelicia M

If the system which is proposed to be interfered with were one that gave general satisfaction, and could be considered a popular system, I cannot deny that the new inequalities which might be introduced, or those which might be left unredressed, might be very severely criticised. But there is such dissatisfaction with the plan as it now is, that I think there could hardly be so much with any new one; at least if the cases in which redress was given by the new plan, were on the whole those which presented the strongest claims to it, as I think would be the case under the Honourable Chairman’s plan. It seems to me, that any plan giving a relief of one-third to the whole mass of industrial incomes, would not only cover the greatest number of cases that have any claim, but also the strongest cases; and I should therefore anticipate that the complaint and dissatisfaction which might be excited by the impossibility of carrying the relief quite so far as the principle would go, would not be very great. I think that almost all the cases which would be left unrelieved, would be cases in which the claim to relief, if properly explained, would be seen to be not nearly so strong as in the cases of industrial incomes.

The “political” objection is, that the socialist community would break in pieces if the members were allowed to choose their own occupations, and stagnate if a single mind chose for them. It shows a great lack, either of invention or of candour, to see only this alternative, and admit no choice in human affairs between no government at all, and the despotism of one. A teacher of political economy, writing against socialism, should have known something of what has been proposed by socialists, for getting over the difficulty. According to Owen, the able-bodied would share by turns all kind of necessary labour; the community deciding in general assembly, or by its elected officers, what labours necessary. According to Fourier, each would select his or her own occupations; but if some employments were chosen by too many persons, and others by too few, the remuneration of the former would be lowered, and of the latter raised, so as to restore the balance. Socialists may be over-confident, but they are no such fools as Mr. Newman takes them for; they have foreseen many more objections than he tells them of; and if there are others which they have not foreseen, or have not effectually provided against, his criticisms do not reach the depth even of failures.

Williams Human Development/EDFN 990 November 22, 2013..
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