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Causes of the civil war essay intro

The Peers Inquiry report, Dept. of the Army, March 14, 1970, notes “a number of Vietnamese sources alleged that on 16 march 1968 approximately 80-90 noncombatants, including women and children, were killed by US soldiers in My Hoi subhamlet of Co Luy Hamlet, a coastal area of Son My village shown on US maps as ‘My Khe’” (page 7-1). Yet no serious investigation took place and no charges were filed. See the full report at . In 2001, Nick Turse, a graduate student researching post-traumatic stress disorder among Vietnam veterans, came upon the secret records of the Pentagon’s Vietnam War Crimes Working Group and later published his account of the records in Kill Anything That Moves (2013).

Antiwar poster, replica of a woodcut by Anton Refregier, 1970 (Library of Congress)

Wells, The War Within, pp. 122-23; and Amy Swerdlow, Women Strike for Peace: Traditional Motherhood and Radical Politics in the 1960s (University of Chicago Press, 1993), pp. 167, 153.

Concept Essay on Love I used this essay | Student Simple

Actress Jane Fonda visited North Vietnam in 1972, making her infamous with American war supporters

Kuzmarov, Modernizing Repression, chapter 7; Bordenkircher, Tiger Cage, p. 199; Doris Longacre and Max Ediger, Release Us From Bondage: Six Days in a Vietnamese Prisoned (Akron, PA.: Mennonite Central Committee Peace Section, July 1974), pp. 7, 9-10; and Fred Branfman, “Vietnam: The POWs We Left Behind,” Ramparts (December 1973), p. 14; Holmes Brown and Don Luce, Hostages of War: Saigon’s Political Prisoners (Washington DC: Indochina Mobile Education Project, 1973); and Lars Schoultz, Human Rights and United States Policy Toward Latin America (New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1981), p. 181.

George C. Herring, “The War That Never Seems to Go Away,” in David L. Anderson and John Ernst, eds., That War That Never Ends: New Perspectives on the Vietnam War (Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2007), p. 338.

How to Create a Concept Map for Writing an Essay ..

Nixon’s secret plan to end the war (Herb Block, Aug. 1972, Library of Congress)

The VMC raised funds, reached out to every other possible constituency, and generally presented the Moratorium as a legitimate redress of citizen grievances. By October, VMC had 31 full-time staff persons and 7,500 field organizers working to make the event a success. CIA operatives who infiltrated the Moratorium’s headquarters in Washington warned their superiors that the Moratorium was gaining wide support and that “prominent people regarded as loyal Americans have instilled the day with respectability and even patriotism.” These statements were correct. Among the Moratorium’s endorsers were nine members of Congress and the faculty at Harvard, which voted of 391-16 in favor of it. Participation on the day of the Moratorium exceeded expectations. According to Small:

Life magazine added urgency to the idea of withdrawal by publishing in its June 27 (1969) issue portrait photos of all 242 Americans killed in Vietnam during the previous week. “It is not the intention of this article to speak for the dead,” wrote the editors. “Yet in a time when the numbers of Americans killed in this war — 36,000 — though far less than the Vietnamese losses, have exceeded the dead in the Korean War, when the nation continues week after week to be numbed by a three-digit statistic which is translated to direct anguish in hundreds of homes all over the country, we must pause to look into the faces. More than we must know how many, we must know who.”

Jeffrey Race, War Comes to Long An (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1972), p. 67.
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Concept of Leadership Essay Examples - New York essay

One particularly controversial class of actions which some theoristsbelieve are evil and yet not harmful are cases of sadistic voyeurism(Calder 2002, 56; Garrard 2002, 327). For instance, imagine that Alextakes pleasure in witnessing Carol's extreme suffering, but thatAlex does not cause Carol's suffering. Some people would callthis act of sadistic voyeurism evil even though it causes no additionalharm to the victim (we can imagine that Carol is not aware that Alextakes pleasure in her suffering so that the witnessing of her sufferingdoes not aggravate the harm). Paul Formosa suggests that sadisticvoyeurism is only evil because the voyeur allows the harm to occur andthus is partly responsible for the suffering (Formosa 2008, 227). Theproblem with Formosa's analysis of sadistic voyeurism is that itcannot make sense of cases where the voyeur is unable to prevent theharm from occurring. Consider, for example, Daniel Haybron's caseof a sadistic quadriplegic who has no ability to communicate. Such aperson may “wish nothing more than the greatest suffering for herfellow creatures” and yet be helpless to cause, or prevent, hervictim's suffering (Haybron 2002a, 264). One might argue that ifthis person took pleasure in witnessing someone else'ssignificant harm she would thereby do evil even though there is nosense in which she allows the harm to occur? If so, evil actions neednot be harmful.

The effects of war essay (949) 757 ..

Some theorists believe that to do evil we must feel a certain way orhave certain emotions at the time of acting. For example, LaurenceThomas believes that evildoers take delight in causing harm or feelhatred toward their victims (Thomas 1993, 76–77). Hillel Steiner goeseven further by contending that there are just two components of evil:pleasure and wrongdoing. According to Steiner “[e]vil acts arewrong acts that are pleasurable for their doer” (Steiner 2002,189).

professional essay on War Concept and the 'Language of War'

It is controversial whether psychopaths are insane according tothe standard set by the M'Naughten rules since it is controversialwhether psychopaths know that their actions are wrong. Motivationalinternalists believe that it is conceptually impossible to believe(and thus to know) that an action is morally wrong and yet becompletely unmotivated to refrain from doing the action. That is, forthe internalist, there is a conceptual connection between believingthat an action is wrong and having a con-attitude toward theaction. The internalist believes that one may be able to knowingly dowhat is wrong because, all things considered, she cares more aboutsomething that is incompatible with refraining from wrongdoing, providedshe is at least somewhat inclined to refrain from doing what she knowsto be wrong. Since psychopaths seem to be completely indifferent towhether their actions are right or wrong, motivational internalistsbelieve that they do not truly believe, or understand, that what theydo is morally wrong. At most, they might believe that their harmfulactions break societal conventions. But it may be one thing to believethat one has broken a societal convention and quite another to believethat one has broken a moral rule. Philosophers who reject theinternalist thesis, i.e., motivational externalists, are more willingto believe that psychopaths know the difference between right andwrong. According to motivational externalists, moral knowledge onlyrequires an intellectual capacity to identify right and wrong, and notthe ability to care about morality. Since psychopaths are notintellectually deficient, motivational externalists do not think thereis any reason to believe that psychopaths cannot tell the differencebetween right and wrong. (For more about how the internalist andexternalist theses relate to the moral responsibility of psychopathssee Brink 1989, 45–50; Duff 1977; Haksar 1965; and Milo1984. See also Rosati 2006. Recently some theorists writing about themoral responsibility of psychopaths have tried to avoid theinternalist/externalist debate. It is beyond the purview of this entryto survey this literature. See Levy 2007, Matravers 2008, Talbert2008.)

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