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A child is like a sponge that absorbs ideas and beliefs.

However, the strongest influence on gender roledevelopment seems to occur within the family setting, with parents passingon, both overtly and covertly, to their children their own beliefs aboutgender.

There is a great diversity of belief concerning the age of the Earth and the rest of the universe:

My Christian friends, of course, are quick to point out that they know the truth and they point to those scholars who have studied the historical evidence and come to that conclusion as well as other evidence some of which I will admit is at least somewhat compelling and certainly deserves contemplation and sincere consideration. The thing that for me makes the belief completely implausible and impossible to accept is the outright contradiction at the very foundation of the belief. That being that God is love and is rejecting most of His creation and submitting them to eternal . Many try to exonerate God of this outright cruelty by suggesting that it isn’t God sending anyone to hell but each person chooses whether to obey and serve God or to be eternally separated from Him. First of all, no one chooses to go to hell or to be separated from God. They may very well not accept the Christian viewpoint because they simply do not believe it to be true but they are not actually rejecting God or refusing Him and they certainly are not making a conscious choice of going to hell or being separated from their creator. Secondly, it is God who created all and who established the parameters of right and wrong and reward and punishment. So, if anyone goes to hell it definitely is God sending them there. Thirdly, the Bible clearly says that hell is the punishment for the wicked implying that it is not so much people choosing hell but punishment for disobedience apparently without consideration for their disposition, conditioning or whether or not they are sincerely worshipping God but from a non-Christian perspective. Disobedience is cited as not believing the Christian view regardless of ones upbringing or inherited tendencies in accepting whatever belief they have become convinced of. Fourthly, and most conclusively, the idea that people are choosing hell is shot down by simply observing the ways and beliefs of other religions who obviously have not met the conditions of salvation according to Christianity. Let’s take the devout Muslim or Jew for example. These are people who are just as dedicated, sincere and earnest as the devout Christian. They are dedicating their entire lives in the service, worship, devotion and adoration of God. The Christian has absolutely no difficulty in seeing these people as all hell bound. Where is love or fairness in such a belief? These people are doing exactly the same thing as the Christian, worshiping God in the way their culture has convinced them God has intended. They are not refusing God or choosing against Him so what is the justification for sending them to hell? How clear can it be for Pete’s sake????

Another source of influence on values and beliefs is the media.

when i was i child i used to believe that everyday there was a new sun in the sky.

There are two standard objections to traditional dispositionalaccounts of belief. The first, tracing back at least to Chisholm(1957), assumes that the dispositionalist's aim is to reduceor analyze facts about belief entirely into facts aboutoutward behavior, facts specifiable without reference to otherbeliefs, desires, inner feelings, and so forth (see the entry onphilosophical ). Such a reduction or analysis appears impossible for the followingreason: People with the same belief may behave very differently,depending on their other beliefs, desires, and so forth. For example,a person who believes that it will rain will only be disposed to takean umbrella if she also believes that the umbrella will ward off thewater and if she doesn't want to get wet. Change the surroundingbeliefs and desires and very different behavior may result. Adispositionalist attempting to specify the particular behavioraldispositions associated with, for example, the belief that it'sraining will then either get it wrong about the dispositions of somepeople (such as those who like to get wet) or will be forced toincorporate into her dispositional analysis conditional antecedentsinvoking the very ideas she is trying to analyze or reduceaway—saying, for example, that the person who believes thatP will behave in such-and-such a way if she believesX and desires Y—apparently dooming thereductionist project. (It may be possible to avoid this objection byinvoking a “Ramsey”-like approach to the reduction [see the section onFunctional States and Ramsey Sentences in the entry on and Lewis 1972], but this type of analysis was not widely discusseduntil after traditional dispositional approaches to belief had gonelargely out of fashion.)

The second standard objection to traditional dispositional accountsof belief is to note the loose connection between belief and behaviorin some cases—for example, in a recently paralyzed person, or insomeone who wants to keep a private opinion (e.g., a Muscovite whobelieves, in 1937, that Stalin's purges are morally wrong), or inmatters of very little practical relevance (e.g., an Americanhomebody's belief that there is at least one church in Nice). Again,the traditional dispositionist seems faced with a choice betweenoversimplifying (and thus mischaracterizing some people'sdispositions) and loading the dispositions with potentiallyproblematic or unwieldy conditional antecedents (e.g., he'd get theumbrella if his paralysis healed; he'd speak up ifthe political climate changed). On the other hand, however, the demandfor an absolutely precise specification of the conditionsunder which a disposition will be manifested, without exception, maybe excessive. As Cartwright (1983) has noted, even perfectlyrespectable claims in the physical sciences often hold onlyceteris paribus or “all else being equal”.

Now, these peoplebelieved, it was time for literary independence.

Parents reported beliefs about danger and guidance of children’s emotions.

It is also common to suppose that beliefs play a causal role in theproduction of behavior. Continuing the example, we might imagine thatafter learning about the demotion of Pluto, Kai naturallyturns his attention elsewhere, not consciously considering thematter for several days, until when reading an old science textbookhe encounters the sentence “our solar system contains nineplanets”. Involuntarily, his new knowledge about Pluto is called upfrom memory. He finds himself doubting the truth of the textbook'sclaim, and he says, “actually, astronomers no longer accept that”. Itseems plausible to say that Kai's belief about Pluto, or hispossession of that belief, caused, or figured in a causal explanationof, his utterance.

The following essay is probably going to be considered controversial, particularly among conservative Christians. We invite you to write a rebuttal and submitting it to us for consideration as a potential visitor essay.

Parents who believe emotions are dangerous reported greater masking of emotional expression.
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I have grown up with a belief that any form of stealing is wrong.

Philosophers frequently endorse functionalism about beliefwithout even briefly sketching out the various particular functionalrelationships that are supposed to be involved, though Loar (1981) is anotable exception to this tendency. However, among the causalrelationships contemporary analytic philosophers have often seen ascharacteristic of belief are the following (these are sketched hereonly roughly; they come in many versions differing in nuance):

Gender labeling, gender stereotyping, and parenting behaviors.

(2) Directing perceptual attention to the perceptible properties ofthings, events, or states of affairs, in conditions favorable toaccurate perception, typically causes the belief that those things,events, or states of affairs have those properties (e.g., visuallyattending to a red shirt in good viewing conditions will typicallycause the belief that the shirt is red).

The beliefs of Childrens Learning - UK Essays

His belief‹and Rushdie has him carefully say "my answer," rather than "the answer"‹leads him to write his autobiography to demonstrate the way each event is the result of "everything that went before." As intended we come to see the characters as the product not of any forward movement, but as a product of what has already come.

Academic Proofreading - children's beliefs essay

There many differing ideologies in a country but there is usually a predominate ideology, and its citizen tend to believe in its countries' ideological superiority.

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